Mill Valley Pasta Co.


Tony Adams along with 2 full- and 4 part-time employees


In 2020, chef and owner Tony Adams was a teaching chef in Sausalito, leading 200 cooking classes a year. Then came the pandemic. Like so many in the hospitality industry at the time, he found himself out of work and in need of something else to fill time. So he dusted off his vintage pasta maker and got busy making pasta. From his Mill Valley apartment-turned-pasta-factory, Tony built the momentum to bring his budding pasta business to local farmers markets, with help from virtual word-of-mouth and social media. Mill Valley Pasta Co. joined the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the end of 2022. He maintains relationships he’s built with local farms to create recipes that keep the focus on what’s fresh and local, putting only the best into his bronze-cut, air-dried pastas.


Mill Valley’s pastas begin with a base of organic semolina flour from Keith Giusto Bakery Supply in Petaluma. The majority of fresh ingredients are sourced from local farms, such as pesto greens and chicken eggs from Star Route Farms, Meyer lemons from The Peach Farm, and duck eggs from Farmer Joy.