Encina Farms


Alberto Solis and Helmut Drews, with 2 full- and 3 to 4 part-time employees


A range of 180 to 300 acres in Middletown and Oak Woodlands in Lake County, 90 miles to San Francisco


In 2013, the first live Ibérico pigs were brought from Spain to the US, and since then they have been bred in small numbers. Both Alberto and Helmut realized the qualities and characteristics of the Ibérico breed, and they founded Encina Farms in January 2019. They chose the Bay Area for the region’s landscape and conscientious consumer base. Encina Farms keep an average of 200 to 300 free-range pigs at a time, raising them for 12 to 16 months with feed and a natural diet of acorn, mushroom, and “whatever they can forage in the forest.” Alberto and Helmut are committed to bringing high-quality, humanely raised meat to the market and offer bacon, sausages, ground blend, and different cuts.