The Peach Farm


Ed George and his children, along with 6 full-time and 10 seasonal employees


52 total acres in Esparto and Madison, about 80 miles to San Francisco


Ed grew up on his family’s farm and, after college, decided to try farming. Over the years, his offerings have changed in response to feedback from farmers market customers. Ed maintains the farm’s soil fertility by keeping cover crops in the ground for over half a year. Ed also discs unsold vegetables back into the soil, spreads compost, and uses synthetic and organic fertilizers. To manage pests and diseases, Ed rotates where he plants crops and utilizes beneficial insects. He never uses synthetic pesticides. Greenhouses in Madison, purchased in 2016, allow the Peach Farm to produce summer crops before the season begins. The Peach Farm’s crops are picked fresh and are never refrigerated before going to the market.