Saltwater Bakeshop


Brittany Dunn-Holden, along with 3 full- and 5 part-time employees


Brittany has been baking for as long as she can remember. From working in kitchens in her youth to heading straight into culinary school after high school, she has been motivated to become a professional baker and pastry chef throughout her whole life. In 2018, after years of working as an executive pastry chef at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse as well as a consultant and recipe developer, Brittany started her own business, Saltwater Bakeshop (the name paying homage to her San Diego County hometown beach culture).

At the farmers market, Saltwater Bakeshop’s offerings range from artisan loaves and baguettes to breakfast staples such as classic croissants and fruit-filled muffins and danishes, inspired by the seasons.


Saltwater Bakeshop prioritizes choosing high-quality, organic ingredients, often sourced from the farmers market.