Acme Bread Company


Steve and Suzie Sullivan, Rick Kirkby, Claudio Rezende, Monica Contois, Laura Wilches, and Michael Jaramillo, along with more than 220 full-time workers, all of whom are offered full medical benefits, a 401k plan, and profit sharing, with a company-wide $20/hour minimum wage


In the late 1970s, Steve worked as a busboy at Chez Panisse restaurant. After Alice Waters tried his bread, Steve started baking for the restaurant. In 1983, Steve started Acme Bread Company with his wife, Suzie. Acme’s bakers work with stone hearth European deck ovens and a 1930s Spanish brick oven. In three production shifts, hand-formed loaves and pastries are baked throughout the day and night.


Acme uses organic flour grown in California, Washington, Colorado, Utah, and Canada, and milled in Utah. Butter and milk are purchased from Challenge Dairy, which uses hormone-free milk from California farms. Acme uses mostly local, organic fruits and vegetables in their products.