Kitiya Ditpare


For Kitiya Ditpare Homs, cooking fresh food has been a lifelong passion that started in her family’s restaurant kitchen in Bangkok, where she was regularly surrounded by vibrant fragrances and bold flavors of Thai cuisine. After immigrating to the United States, Kitiya spent a decade working in the corporate world before pursuing her passion for cooking. Kitiya grew her business through catering, then participated in the La Cocina business incubator program. Now a regular at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, she continues to grow Kitiya and share classic Thai flavors, with her own twists, in the form of take-home products. At the farmers market, she offers Thai curry pastes and sauces and creamy Thai tea.


All ingredients are grown in California, and Kitiya also sources from local farms at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, including GG Farms.